I developed an early sense of design and composition through many creative avenues growing up. I was raised in the Quapaw Quarter of Downtown Little Rock among home tours, master gardeners, highly creative parents, and a church with a flower guild. I spent much of my childhood developing an understanding of the arts, while primarily focusing on music and ballet. I went into college majoring in vocal performance, and graduated with a Bachelor's in Visual Art, namely painting. I went on spending most of my time developing an art business and my personal aesthetic. over a year ago, i made the leap from a career in painting to immersing myself in floral design full-time.

I love the simplicity and effortless, wild beauty of flowers, and the challenge of arranging them. My experience as a painter has given me a strong awareness of design principles and composition, as well as a deep attention to detail. So, arranging tends to come naturally to me.  outside of my work, I spend time with the love of my life, Ben, our son, eli, and our golden doodle, Rebel.